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Behavior Matrix

On Campus
Locker Room
School Event
Respect Yourself and Others Think before you speak
Use courteous language
Consider feelings of others
Pick up after yourself
Take care of all personal belongings and school materials
Treat school property with respect
Touch only your belongings

Listen when others speak
Be a polite audience member/spectator
Make Responsible Choices Be cooperative in all situations
Think it through before you act
Be helpful to others
·Be in class on timeprepared with materials/completed work
·Resolve conflicts peacefully
· Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself
· Keep lockers locked and combination to yourself
· Be cooperative with others
· Stayed in assigned PE areas
Support others
Be a positive role mode
Set Goals for Success Monitor your academic progress
Accept mistakes and make positive changes
Give your personal best daily
Follow school rules
Make learning a high priority
Choose to be a team player
Challenge yourself to improve mile time
Balance your life with school as a priority
  • Respect Yourself and Others: a keen sense of ethical conduct toward one’s self and to the whole community.
  • Make Responsible Choices: behave in a manner which positively affects your own life and that of your family, school, and global community
  • Set Goals for Success self reflect on education in order to set goals; work hard to achieve them
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