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Eight Characteristics of Rattler Achievers

1. Achievers are goal-oriented.

They set long or short-term goals and move towards them. Their goals are both personal and professional (or academic).

2. Achievers are positive thinkers.

They expect that they will be successful. They have already experienced enough success in their lives that they are sure they can continue to do well.

3. Achievers are confident.

The have strong, positive feelings about their abilities. For this reason they are able to risk trying out new ideas or methods.

4. Achievers are resilient.

They do no let failure (small or big) get them down. They bounce back from defeat and try again. They value improvement but are not disabled if their performance is less than perfect.

5. Achievers have self-discipline.

They have the ability and drive to stay on task in both their personal and professional/academic goals. They resist distractions and diversions.

6. Achievers have pride.

They are proud of their accomplishments. They know they have done well, and they believe they have the right to feel good about themselves. These individuals develop a sense of inner satisfaction. They are less dependent on others to say, “Well Done.”

7. Achievers are proficient.

They have the necessary skills to be successful. Whether they are students with basic learning skills, engineers with mechanical skills, or doctors with diagnostic skills, they have what they need to do well.

8. Achievers are risk takers.

They are willing to work on the edge. They are able to try new things and push the limits of what is known. Risk taking requires courage and confidence in one’s abilities; achievers have both.

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