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Vision Statement

Ranchero Middle School 2014-2015
HUSD Mission Statement
Preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s world.

RMS Vision Statement
We believe all students can learn through the support of our professional learning community. We are dedicated to equipping students with the essential skills for a successful transition to the secondary level. We are committed to providing a learning environment that promotes lifelong learning for our students and our extended community.

RMS Mission Statement
To challenge all students to maximize their learning and provide instruction needed to prepare them for high school and beyond.

RMS Values
We believe all students can learn, therefore:

  • We will ensure curriculum, instruction, and assessment represent the best practice of our profession through a common rigorous curriculum that actively engages all students while emphasizing effective first teaching strategies.
  • We will challenge each student to give his or her best intellectually and ethically through genuine care and concern for each child. Opportunities to access the curriculum at its most rigorous levels and extended time for learning to maximize student achievement will be provided for all students.
  • We will commit to ongoing professional development as a model of lifelong learning. Professional learning communities, where collaborative teams focus on student achievement via learning, experimentation and reflection, will be the core of our commitment.
  • We will provide an emotionally and physically safe and supportive learning environment where our diverse community of students and staff is treated with respect, consideration, and acceptance. We recognize that learning is an interactive process where quality relationships with peers and staff will be cultivated and nurtured.
  • We will value the importance of collaborative relationships with our extended community (families, residents, businesses, government agencies, and educational systems). We strive for excellence every day in our pursuit of fostering interactive partnerships where students are always the primary emphasis.
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