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No Bullying Allowed

Ranchero Middle School
Definition of Bullying:
Bullying can be generally defined as the use of aggressions, intimidation and/or cruelty with the result of hurting another person verbally, physically or emotionally. This includes, sexual harassment, hate violence, or severe or pervasive intentional harassment, threats, or intimidation that is disruptive, causes disorder, and invades the rights of others by creating an intimidating or hostile educational environment, and includes acts that are committed personally or by means of an electronic act.

California law gives school officials grounds to suspend a pupil or recommend a pupil for expulsion for bullying, including but not limited to bullying by an electronic act. An electronic act includes but is not limited to text messages, emails, web posting, videos, videos sent from one phone to another and MySpace postings. Bullying carrries the ramification of causing pain and stress to the victim. Bullying is never justified and is not excusable as “kids being kids,” “just teasing,” “we were just playing,” “we were messing around,” or any other rationalization. Bullying creates fear and prevents learning.

Specific types of bullying may include, but are not limited to:

Physical: Pushing, kicking, hitting, tripping, punching or using any other type of physical violence against a victim. Examples: Shoving a victim into lockers, pushing students during passing periods, throwing trash or other objects at a victim, or encouraging others to do the behavior.

Verbal: Name-calling, ridiculing, using words to attack, threaten or insult. Examples: Spreading rumors, making fun of a student’s appearance, mannerisms, or intelligence, either in person or by electronic means on or off school grounds, or encouraging others to do the behavior.

Mental/Emotional: Being deliberately unkind, shunning, excluding or tormenting. Examples: Forcing another student to be “left out” of a game or activity, passing notes making fun of victim, or making threatening faces or gestures, either in person or by electronic means, on or off school grounds, or encouraging others to do the behavior.

Racist/Intolerant: Taunts, slurs and/or physical threats directed around a victim’s race, religion or ethnicity. Examples: Spreading graffiti and/or racial slurs, either in person or by electronic means, on or off the school grounds, or encouraging others to do the behavior.

Sexual: Initiating and/or executing unwanted physical contact, making sexually threatening and/or abusive comments or gestures. Examples:Grabbing/poking a victim’s body, making derogatory comments, either in person or by electronic means, on or off the school grounds, or encouraging others to do the behavior.

  • Any incidences of the aforementioned may result in suspension
    according to the California Education Code 48900:
  • EC 48900 (a1) Caused, attempted to cause, or threatened to cause physical injury to another person.

    EC 48900 (r) Engaged in an act of bullying, including, but not limited to, bullying committed by means of an electronic act directed specifically toward a pupil or school personnel.

    EC 48900 (t) A pupil who aids or abets, as defined in Section 31 of the Penal Code, the infliction or attempted infliction of physical injury to another person may be subject to suspension, but not expulsion, pursuant to this section, except hat a pupil who had been adjudged by a juvenile court to have committed, as an aider and abettor, a crime of physical violence in which the victim suffered great bodily injury or serious bodily injury shall be subject to discipline pursuant to subdivision (a).

    EC 48900.4 Created an intimidating or hostile educational environment by intentionally engaging in harassment, threats, or intimidation directed against school district personnel or pupils. (Grades 4 – 12 only)

  • RMS Expected Behavior
  • Respect Yourself and Others: a keen sense of ethical conduct toward one’s self and to the whole community
  • Make Responsible Choices: behave in a manner which positively affects our own life and that of your family school and global community.
  • Set Goals for Success: self reflect on education in order to set goals; work hard to achieve them
  • Make the choices to be courteous to others!
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